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Where to build?

001 Evenlode

We decided to start the series of 250 New Towns with the projection of Evenlode, Oxfordshire, North West of Blenheim Palace, in Landranger 164. We are grateful to builder Stephen Ibbitson for that idea.

Stephen Ibbitson


clickIan Abley Initial Evenlode Presentation 18.09.2010

clickIan Abley Evenlode Sketches 18.09.2010

001 Evenlode, showing England's Green Belt

001 Evenlode, Oxfordshire, showing the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger Map key, and England's Green Belt

The drawing process follows from some simple strategic decisions about density, landscape, and infrastructure. This is a process that can be periodically returned to while familiarising yourself with the area.

Choose a density for each 100 Hectare square

Draw enough squares for 40,000 homes

Work out the development area to also improve the landscape

Strengthen the transport links, and think about the other infrastructure

Tidy the layout into a New Town set in the landscape

Get familiar with the topography - visit the area repeatedly

As the club progresses you will find an index to the 250 New Town locations here:

click250 New Town Locations

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