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Where to build?

Media Coverage for the 250 New Towns Club

We aim to identify locations for 50 New Towns every year, which is nearly a rate of one every week. We want to complete a list of 250 locations in five years. To do this we need to get our aims across to the public through the media, and welcome suggestions for locations.

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clickWinifred Robinson interviews Hugh Pearman and Ian Abley You and Yours BBC Radio 4 15.06.2011

Ian Abley argues with Hugh Pearman, Editor of the RIBA Journal, about the prospect of housing the growing population of Britain, which in 2011 is around 60,000,000 people in 26,000,000 households, living in 9% of the land. Hugh argues that population growth is hard to predict, that households should be better distributed into the under-occupied existing housing stock, sharing more, refurbishing more, all to prevent further unsustainable development of the countryside. Ian argues that housing should be built strategically to satisfy household growth, developing a further 1.4% of Britain by building 500,000 new and replacement homes a year in 250 locations between 2013 and 2033, when the population will reach 70,000,000. Hugh wants "hamlets" on redundant farms, while Ian wants to set the British public free to build on an unprecedented scale.

Grant ShappsKate HendersonHugh Pearman

clickJulian Worricker interviews Grant Shapps, Kate Henderson, and Ian Abley You and Yours BBC Radio 4, Archive 09.09.2010

Professional Press...

clickAnthony Fyson New Town building initiative that trumps government on localist ambitions Planning 24.09.2010


None yet identified

Locations, showing London's Green Belt

The Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger Map key shown with England's Green Belt superimposed

clickZero Eco-Towns 28.03.2011

20 unbuilt Eco-Towns...

Graded Eco-Towns Promoter Homes
Pennbury B Co-operative Estates 15,000
Manby A East Lindsey District Council 5,000
Curborough B Curborough Consortium 5,000
Middle Quinton B St Modwen and The Bird Group 6,000
Whitehill-Bordon B East Hampshire District Council 5,500
Weston Otmoor C Parkridge 15,000
Shipton B Kilbride Properties Ltd 3,000
Bicester B P3Eco Bicester 5,000
Ford B Vision Group and Enterprise Hub 5,000
St Austell B Imerys Minerals Ltd 5,000
Rossington B Rossington Ecotown Partnership 15,000
Coltishall C Coltishall Group PLC 5,000
Rackheath A Building Partnerships Norwich 5,000
Hanley Grange B Jarrow Investments 8,000
Marston B Gallagher Estates 15,000
Elsenham B Fairfield Partnership 5,000
Kingston B Banks Development 6,000
Cotgrave Place C Crown Golf 5,000
Newton B Newton Nottingham LLP 6,000
Leeds City B Leeds City Council 20,000
Total - Assuming all 20 Eco-Towns were fully built 159,500

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Brooks

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