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Will Alsop All Planned Out? - The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System
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All Planned Out?
The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System

18 and 19 May 2007

All Planned Out? is a two day international conference in London that brings together professionals, academics, and those more widely interested in development to review planning successes, recognise failures, and to discuss the requirements of a new century.

What planners think and are enabled to do matters to all of us. We have tremendous opportunities to create desirable and useful places to live and work, both for ourselves and for the future. A growing and mobile population, better methods of production, wider employment, changing climate and choice in lifestyles make exciting demands in the way we want to use and adapt our environments.

For 60 years the British 1947 Town and Country Planning Act has been an international model for regulating the production and reproduction of the built environment. However, much has happened in Britain and internationally since the Second World War. Many people around the world are considering how land use planning affects development in the twenty-first century. We want to ask, and answer:

clickWhat priorities do we want reflected in land use planning?

clickHas the notion of a distinct town and country become unsustainable?

clickCan planners reconcile government policies with where and how people actually want to live?

clickIs it justified to describe policies based on constraining building activity as "planning"?

All Planned Out? is the first international conference organised by the pro-development website audacity, as a meeting place for those involved in planning and creating the built environment.

We are very pleased that RUDI, the online Resource for Urban Design Information is supporting the conference with a view to diseminating the discussion, and particularly the contributions to be made by the attendees. An active audience is encouraged, so have your say...

The Building Centre Trust is hosting this two day conference, and details for buying tickets and the venue are below links to the programme.


Full programme details are on the following pages. Click on the red bullets and follow the links:

clickFriday 18 May 2007

clickFriday evening presentation - Will Alsop

clickSaturday 19 May 2007

Or browse through the contributors. Click on the images:

Michael DriverGideon AmosRynd SmithJames StevensKate Moorcock AbleySolly AngelRobert BruegmannJames HeartfieldWendell CoxYolande BarnesJohn StewartMichael SavageOliver Marc HartwichSam StaleyAustin WilliamsAnna ScothernNick RosenPaul HyettJohn HabrakenGordon MurraySamantha HardinghamWill AlsopNicholas SchoonSteve BelmontSimon FairlieJames HeartfieldCaspar HewettAndrew CalcuttNick HubbleJules LubbockCany AshJon PughShelagh GrantSteve DaleyDavid BirkbeckGraham U'renMark BrinkleyJames WoudhuysenMichael TrudgeonOwen HatherleyAndrew RabeneckWilliam McLeanThomas SievertsAlan HudsonAlan MoranMichael OwensTimandra HarknessIan Abley


Tickets are now available to be purchased direct on the booking form at the Building Centre Trust,, accessed through their Forthcoming Events page. Tickets are for the entirety of the two days, and include the Friday evening presentation.

Full Price: £300.00

Plus VAT at 17.5% of £52.50

Concession: £120.00

Plus VAT at 17.5% of £21.00

Concessionary rates are available for students and individuals who are not representing government, businesses, or institutions. To apply for a concessionary rate please email the Building Centre Trust.

Contact: Andrew Scoones and Meghan Fernandes


Telephone: 020 7692 6209

Fax: 020 7436 7169

click here for the Building Centre Trust

The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

The Building Centre Trust website has full details of how to get to the Central London venue in Bloomsbury, just off Tottenham Court Road.

There are many hotels in the W1 area, and we have made arrangements to assist those delegates who wish to stay in the same hotel and near the venue. Please contact us if you require advice on accommodation.

From now on...

The aim of All Planned Out? is to build an international network of critically engaged friends, to better make the case for development to meet population growth and social aspirations. If we are successful this year a stronger and larger audacity international 2008 will be the result. We hope that speakers will begin to volunteer for next year, and ambitious plans will be announced at the end of the proceedings.

For audacity to be more effective in arguing for daring development, rapid population growth, and greater freedoms at home, then an immediate consequence of All Planned Out? will be closer associations with many other campaigning organisations in Britain. Groups like...

click here for Priced Out, the campaign for affordable house prices

We are pleased that this is happening, and look forward to discussing imaginative campaigning ideas with new allies, with a shared intent to overcome the political and economic limitations we face today.

Sponsorship opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring this conference, and the publication of papers in the audacity series, please contact us for a discussion. We hope you will be among the sponsors who have made audacity possible, because there is much more that we could be doing together.

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