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Nick Hubble by Simon Punter All Planned Out? - The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System
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All Planned Out?
The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System

18 and 19 May 2007

Nick Hubble

Nick is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Suburban Studies, Kingston University, Kingston, and the author of Mass-Observation and Everyday Life (2006)

The social-research organization Mass-Observation was founded in 1937. In his book, Nick considers the true extent and significance of Mass-Observation's unique role in the formation of postwar Britain's idea of itself through the examination of everyday life across the long twentieth century. An excellent guide to Mass-Observation and the period generally, this scholarly work also provides surprising insights into the role social research has played in the development of policy and mass democracy.

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11.30 to 13.00 on Saturday 19 May 2007

The Utopian Dialectic of Housing Development


Utopian housing forms, such as Garden Cities, typically imprison positive utopian impulses within negative structures designed to exclude "undesirable" features. However releasing these impulses allows everyday life to be positively transformed, as happened when garden city ideas inspired the mass suburban developments of the 1920s and 1930s.

The 1947 TCPA is part of a post-war Utopian negative structure which has persisted for sixty years. The Utopian impulse imprisoned within was the desire to rebuild a public sphere diminished by the wartime expansion of the state.

The logical fulfilment of this Utopian impulse would be a renewed expansion of suburban development.

The Utopian Dialectic of Housing Development

More to follow shortly...

click here for details of Superbia, a day-school hosted by the Centre for Suburban Studies on 23 September 2006

The case for suburbia

23 September 2006

Superbia was a day-school, organised by the Centre for Suburban Studies in association with audacity, sponsored by the Modern Masonry Alliance, and hosted by the CSS at Kingston University. The aim was to recognise that most of us in Britain already live in suburbia.


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