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1. Ian Abley, quoted by Mark Key, Sustainable Masonry Construction, Garston, Watford, IHS BRE Press, 2009, p 90

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Manmade Modular Megastructures Homes 2016Why is construction so backward?Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age

250 New Towns - The club for people with big plans to build

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Plotlands as a measure of housing affordability 75 years on

Jonathan Schwinge's 2012 Mile High London, dimensionally defined by Ian Abley and CAD modelled by Andrew Sheldon

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Ian Abley

Ian is a tenacious construction industry professional who has worked on large scale, demanding, fast-moving, and innovative projects, mostly in London. He had a full architectural training, but is no longer registered.

He is experienced in complex construction tasks, and gets fully involved in ways to clarify and simplify building processes. Ian anticipates problems and finds solutions. He draws well, communicates clear production information, likes Building Information Modelling as information management, and writes sensible specifications. Ian details construction so as to realise the architectural intent, understands how to work with façade, structural, and services engineers, checks compliance with contracts, and snags building work to practical completion.

clickIan Abley - Full Curriculum Vitae in pdf format

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Ian has considerable experience of residential and commercial development, transport infrastructure, and strategic planning. After running his own practice in the North East, he worked for several prestigious architects, engineers, and trade associations. He has worked hard for both expanding and contracting businesses, succeeding and struggling in changeable markets.

Both for employers and away from his day job, Ian has organised successful events on the technology, economics and politics of building and planning. Ian is a down-to-earth yet challenging presenter, enjoying discussion and speaking engagements. He helped organise the 250 New Towns Club at The Building Centre as an experimental plan drawing club

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Ian co-edited the collection of essays in Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-machine Age (2001) with James Heartfield. He was the co-author of Why is construction so backward? (2004) and of Homes 2016 (2004) with James Woudhuysen. With Jonathan Schwinge he co-edited an edition of AD magazine, titled Manmade Modular Megastructures (2006).


Ian Abley, 8 College Close, Hackney, London, E9 6ER

Mobile: 07947 621 790




Sustainability is elastic, and so many charlatans have smuggled so much rubbish into it that you're better off not using the prefix "sustainable". (1)

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Ian Abley click here for Why is construction so backward? by James Woudhuysen, Ian Abley, Stefan Muthesius and Miles Glendinning, published by John Wiley & Sons 2004click here for Homes 2016 by James Woudhuysen and Ian Abley, the first Broadside supplement from Blueprintclick here for Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age, a collection of 18 essays edited by Ian Abley and James Heartfield, published by John Wiley & Sons 2001
Panorama courtesy of Mark Harrop

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