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250 New Towns - The club for people with big plans to build

Wendell Cox

Tony Pierce

Tony established the 250 New Towns Club. He has over 20 years experience as director or head of service in planning, property, engineering, surveying and housing services in various councils in London and the South-East. He recently advised the Mayor of London and Croydon Council on how to set about building a 20,000 strong community in Croydon town centre. Tony says:

'Most people want new homes to be built for current and future generations to live in, but many react strongly to the perceived consequent impacts. The Coalition Government set about reform of the planning system and promotion of development. The details of the Government's proposals for neighbourhood planning and the National Planning Policy Framework are a tangled web of qualifications to and mitigations of impacts of development, all in legal and technical terms that even the lawyers and planners have difficulty grasping.'

'The likely end result will be no or little development, reflecting the mood of low ambitions, parochialism, and make-do-and-mend when it comes to design and construction. Lord Richard Rogers warned that developers would build sprawling suburbs requiring energy-guzzling infrastructure.'

'Yet, if cities cannot expand, is there an urban renaissance?'

'More enlightened urban design is seen as the alternative to sprawl. But can small-scale, pragmatic public realm improvements be sufficient as a replacement for clear visions to create new urban communities, suburbs and new towns?'

'Are small-scale village style urban neighbourhoods really what people want over the chaotic excitement and intensity of a city?'

Tony Pierce writes...

clickDispersal or densification, sprawl or splatter - Review of War on the Dream by Wendell Cox 29.04.2007


Tony Pierce, Urbisnet, 9 Fountains Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2EY

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