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Why is construction so backward? - reviewed by Austin Williams

We are grateful to Austin Williams, Technical Editor of the Architects' Journal, for his review of Why is construction so backward? If you wish to contribute your critical review please email Ian Abley. We welcome a discussion.

Why is construction so backward? James Woudhuysen, Ian Abley, Stefan Muthesius and Miles Glendinning

If buildings have become more intelligent, why are walls so thick? Or, to put it another way, in the new millennium, why are construction practices so wedded to the past?

Examining the reactionary consequences of over-precaution, over-protection and the overstatement of environmental problems, the authors of this well-researched and fiercely polemical book go some way to providing shock therapy to construction policy makers.

Austin Williams, Technical Editor, The Architects' Journal

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Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age, edited by Ian Abley and James Woudhuysen

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