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Why we need five million
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James Heartfield

With a foreword by Robert Bruegmann

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1. Ian Abley, Martin Pawley - Straight to the point, 16 March 2008, posted here

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Our ongoing research...

Ian Abley is an experienced construction industry professional. He is interested in everything between the manufacturing of vacuum insulated housing and the building of mile high towers. Ian is the co-author of Why is construction so backward? (2004) and co-editor of Manmade Modular Megastructures. (2006) Ian is busy planning 250 new British towns.

clickEnergy Materials 2012 - Thermal Insulation Performance 16.10.2012

clickThe Great Debate 2011 - Technical Fixes

clickPrecast 2011 - Vacuum Insulation

clickWhere to build in 2009? 14.04.2009

For a while Ian was engaged on an Engineering Doctorate at the Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering at Loughborough University, sponsored by the Modern Masonry Alliance. This EngD came to an early end in 2009 in agreement with the sponsor, after the success of the International Vacuum Insulation Symposium at the Royal Institution.

The CICE is committed to advanced training and research in engineering and construction management. Ian's academic supervisors at the CICE were Dr Jacqui Glass and Dr Dave Edwards. His supportive industrial supervisors were Martin Clarke of British Precast and Michael Driver of the Brick Development Association. Together they had initiated the MMA.

The MMA develops and promotes masonry construction - the bricks, blocks, and stone; the cement and mortar which bind them together; the researchers and technicians advancing the industry; the men and women who build masonry homes, buildings and structures. For more information visit

Abley Street, Hackney, London, E9 6ER

The turn of the planning system to community in the late 1960s, and then to sustainability in the late 1990s, provided the ideological justifications for a retreat from the production of industrial volumes of housing. (1)

International Vacuum Insulation Symposium 2009

Pattern Book Planning


clickStanley Mathews, awarded his Ph.D. in Architectural History and Theory from Columbia University in 2003, with his doctoral dissertation on Cedric Price’s Fun Palace and the Potteries Thinkbelt, published as From Agit-Prop to Free Space (2007). He is an architect, architectural historian, and writer, teaching at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

clickMatthew Priestman, the founding partner of Priestman Architects, London, established in 1994, and working in Europe, Hong Kong and China. Matthew has assisted the British Antarctic Survey, and likes to explore environmental extremes. He is keen to work creatively in collaborative ways with other architects, within project design teams.

clickRoss Elliott has 25 years experience in property and public policy in Australia. He is business manager with Cockram Construction, and publishes The Pulse. He was the Executive Director of the Residential Development Council of the Property Council of Australia, and editor of Residential Developer Magazine. He published the Boulevard of Broken Dreams – The Future of Housing Affordability in Australia (2007) along with a number of research papers examining the issues of land supply and land regulation, and impacts on housing affordability and choice.

click here for the Residential Development Council of the Property Council of Australia

clickHugh Pavletich, has a background in property development in New Zealand. He has worked as a lobbyist, and lobbies for housing affordability, with an interest in popular aspirations. Hugh initiated the Annual International Housing Affordability Survey with Wendell Cox of Demographia in 2004. He runs Performance Urban Planning.

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