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audacity organises authoritative international research, engaging seminars, large conferences, a provocative website and a dynamic school of writers, public speakers and photographers.

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We need your sponsorship to publish audacity, a paperback research series with a format of 17cm wide x 24cm high. This is an ideal way for you to publish a book or report in small quantities for events and promotions, written by authors of your choice. Also, we will be pleased to discuss undertaking research to meet your interests. If you would like to sponsor future issues please contact us for a discussion.

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click here for All Planned Out? - The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System
All Planned Out?
The Worldwide Impact of the British Town and Country Planning System

18 and 19 May 2007

All Planned Out? is a two day international conference in London that brings together professionals, academics, and those more widely interested in development to review planning successes, recognise failures, and to discuss the requirements of a new century.


Event sponsors were...

Modern Masonry Alliance

The Modern Masonry Alliance sponsored Superbia, a day-school at Kingston University organised by the Centre for Suburban Studies in association with audacity. The MMA develops and promotes masonry construction - the bricks, blocks, and stone; the cement and mortar which bind them together; the researchers and technicians advancing the industry; the men and women who build masonry homes, buildings and structures. For more information visit

Reglit Glazing

Reglit Glazing sponsored Building audacity, the launch event for audacity. Reglit as a division of Westcrowns Contracting Services exclusively distribute Pilkington Profilit in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Reglit have learned to keep their minds open to new ideas, with technical expertise based on over 130 years of glazing experience. The Reglit glazing system offers a wide range of aesthetic and performance options. For more information visit

Hunter Douglas - Quadroclad

Hunter Douglas Quadroclad also sponsored Building audacity. The QuadroClad façade is a complete, integrated rainscreen solution of honeycomb aluminium cladding panels and their adjustable suspension system. Lightweight aluminum skins are fused to an expanded aluminum core to make QuadroClad panels strong, yet flexible, flat, and up to 1500mm x 4500mm modules. Shaped or curved panels are offered. For more information visit

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